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Synopsis: A has-been character actor attempts to complete a movie honoring his deceased wife, when divine intervention leads him to a free-spirited actress who might just be his perfect leading lady.

Art imitates life in Making The Day as the film’s director, Michael Canzoniero (Wedding Bros, Don Peyote), employed a hybrid-narrative/documentary process called organic filmmaking in the production where elements of the actors’ real lives were incorporated into a heavily improvised shoot. In the case of Making the Day, lead actor Steven Randazzo’s own real-life struggle with underground film financiers “coming after him” for an incomplete movie, provided the inspiration behind the film’s narrative.


Making The Day was produced by Francesco Ros, Ellyn Vander Wyden, and Tim Dorsch and edited by Michael Berenbaum (Sex and the City, The Americans, Barton Fink and Marry Me starring Jennifer Lopez.) The script was co-written by Michael Berenbaum and Michael Canzoniero. The film features an original score by Peter Nashel (I, Tonya, Marco Polo) and an original song by composer Gabriel Berenbaum.


I really believe that it is the chemistry between the lead actors that is the single most important element of a quality movie. I’m thinking of Deniro and Grodin in “Midnight Run” Benigni and Waits in “Down by Law” or Lopez and Clooney in “Out of Sight”.

''The magic of the film’s ending only happens because of the journey these two have gone through in the pressure cooker of trying to make a movie together.''

If that lead actor dynamic is combustible, if that pairing can create sparks, there’s a magic on-screen that all the big-budget CGI in the world can’t compete with. So in the case of Making the Day, my co-writer Michael Berenbaum and I began not with a script but with an attempt to “organically” build a story around the hysterical energy that we had discovered between Steve Randazzo and Juliette Bennett in some of our early workshop exercises. To us, their performances were like gasoline and tinder in almost every scene: Steve’s a totally grounded, everyday guy, downbeat and desperate, while she’s a spinning top of almost manic energy, with an innocent optimism that is both contagious and comedic. The magic of the film’s ending only happens because of the journey these two have gone through in the pressure cooker of trying to make a movie together. After all the laughs the movie delivers, I still get a lump in my throat every time I watch that last sequence play out.


Michael Canzoniero, Director, Making The Day



The two leads are played by Steven Randazzo (Awakenings, Mighty Aphrodite,The Night of) and Juliette Bennett (The Nth Ward, Don Peyote, Las Vegas.) (2).jpg
Movie's still with Juliette and Steven

The ensemble cast features some of New York's most talented actors including Tony Winner Dan Fogler (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, The Goldbergs), Dominic Fumusa (13 Hours, Nurse Jackie, Homeland), Ali Marsh (Rabbit Hole Bull, The Affair), Natalie Knepp (A Joyous Christmas, Sam, The Good Wife), Nicole Ansari (Son of The South, Remember Me, Side Effects), Sondra James (The Joker, Late Night with Stephen Colbert) Christian Campbell, (Reefer Madness: The Musical, Trick, True Detective) America Olivio (Chicago P.H, Blue Bloods, Mission Impossible-Rogue Nation) Ilana Levine (Friends with Kids, Failure to Launch, The Nanny Diaries) Dwayne Hill ( Mean Girls, Peg + Cat, Atomic Betty), Craig Geraghty (Ray Donovan, Iron Fist, The Many Saints of Newark) Ray Iannicelli (Joker, Annie, Madam Secretary) and Timothy "Speed" Levitch (The Cruise, Up-to-Speed, High Maintenance). The film also features Supermodel Kira Dikhtyar in an acting role and several New York comedians.


MCM Creative is a full-service production and post-production company with over twenty years of experience in the New York market. MCM  Creative produces and shoots narratives, documentaries, live shows, music videos, and interviews.

They are known for their feature films: Don Peyote, Wedding Brod, and the award-winning documentary Shelter Island


''I thought the film was terrific, very funny, heartwarming, and in some instances, all too true. The cast was wonderful, especially Juliette, and it's well-directed. Please congratulate everyone, I think it will do well on the festival circuit."

Frank Marshall,  Producer (Indiana Jones, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Signs, Jason Bourne, Jurassic World) and Co-Founder, Amblin Entertainment and Kennedy/Marshall Company.

"Making The Day is original. It deserves the best kind of attention"

Brian Cox, Actor (X2, X-Men United, Troy, Adaptation)

''Making The Day is delightful! A joy ride!''

Gregory Nava, Writer (Frida, Selena, El Norte, My Family, Bordertown) and director (Selena, El Norte, My Family, Bordertown, Why Do Fools Fall In Love)




MCM CREATIVE today announced that Making the Day, a heartwarming comedy, will have its premiere at the 2021 Cinequest Film Festival. ( The virtual edition of the festival is from March 20 to March 30th and you can buy tickets...



Российские актеры и модели продолжают завоевывать Голливуд. Так, Киру Дихтяр (колумнистку можно увидеть на больших американских экранах. В прокат вышел фильм с ее участием...



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THAT Michael Canzoniero's new indie movie, ''Making the Day'', starring Juliette Bennett and Kira Dikhtyar, will be on the festival circuit... THAT the Lower Eastside Girls Club will celebrate its 25th anniversary at May 20 gala honoring ...

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Making the Day is a positive, light-hearted, uplifting film about making a film. I guess you could call it — film-ception. I’ll take the synopsis of the film straight from the movie website because they said it best: “A has-been character actor attempts to ...

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